10 Reasons Why Cocoàge Cosmetics Will Make You Love The Skin You’re In

Enjoy the anti-aging benefits of Gold, infused into Cocoàge Cosmetics' line of products.

Cocoàge Cosmetics: Taking Advantage Of A Golden Opportunity

While new and cutting edge breakthroughs will always draw interest, sometimes it’s the solutions that have been around for centuries that are the most reliable. When it comes to gold skincare products, that seems to be the case. People have used the precious metal as a skincare treatment since the days of Cleopatra, and evidence of its use has been found among ancient Roman and Japanese civilizations, as well. Currently, Cocoàge Cosmetics is at the forefront of using Gold for skincare treatment.

Your Skin Can Only Win With Cocoàge Cosmetics

Today, you can harness the power of gold cosmetics in the offerings of the Cocoàge Cosmetics brand. Here are the many ways that it can help.

#1 Sun Protection
Gold helps reduce the amount of melanin your body produces when it’s exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This reduces sun damage, a major cause of premature wrinkles.

#2 Collagen Boosting
Gold seems to slow down the loss of collagen, the component of skin that keeps it looking youthful. Collage production slows down as early as age 25, and gold can help keep it going for longer.

#3 Allergy Helper
Gold can tamp down the body’s allergic response to outside intruders, thus reducing skin blemishes and other problems related to allergies.

#4 Elasticity Promoter
The ions present in gold get your skin cells working in overdrive, enhancing turnover and renewal. Newer skin cells means more elastic skin that has a fresh, youthful appearance.

#5 Wrinkle Fighter
Youthful skin also means fewer of people’s number one skin concern — wrinkles. And that’s sure to make you a believer in gold skincare products.

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#6 Youth Preserver
Overall, gold’s impact on boosting collagen, fighting wrinkles and promoting elasticity means one thing: Your skin will look younger.

#7 Complexion Preserver
Hollywood types pay top dollar for gold facials before big events, and now we know why. Few ingredients are as effective at evening out the complexion.

#8 Glow Enhancer
Studies show that Gold can enhance blood circulation to the skin. The net effect of this is a rosy, radiant glow that’s sure to show with regular use of gold cosmetics.

#9 Dryness Dissipator
Gold can help the skin retain moisture, eliminating many of the problems that are related to dry skin. Want to learn how to exfoliate (a way to counter dry skin)? Read this blog by ChocolateSkincareTips.com!

#10 Inflammation Blocker
Gold has natural antibacterial properties that help both the body and skin fight off infection or other intruders that can do damage to your skin’s beauty.


Cocoàge Beauty

Cocoàge Beauty was created by Cocoàge Cosmetics, redefining luxury skincare with an exquisite line of 24K gold and chocolate-based treatment products created to assist, revive, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. Visit Cocoàge Cosmetics here and find Cocoàge Cosmetics reviews here.
Cocoàge Beauty
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