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The Science of Chocolate Skincare What Makes it Work

The Science of Chocolate Skincare: What Makes it Work?

Chocolate has gotten a bad rap when it comes to skincare and acne. But in recent years, the tides have turned. People are now recognizing the power of antioxidants and minerals in chocolate, and what chocolate skincare can do for your skin. Minerals and antioxidants in chocolate make this treat a fantastic ingredient to improve your…

How Chocolate Can Make Your Face Tighter

4 Ways How Chocolate Can Make Your Face Tighter

As we begin to wane, our skin can take its fair toll. Whether we begin to develop saggy skin or wrinkles or blemishes from a lifetime of UV exposure from the sun, eventually, time catches up with us. Today we are exploring how chocolate can make your face tighter. Over the years, several skincare ingredients…

Cocoage Cosmetics Hot Temp Stimulating 24K Gold Heat Therapy Mask

Introducing the Gold Heat Therapy Mask

Ever wondered what it’s like to try a mask infused with Cacao? Masks have been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to cleanse clogged pores, enhance cell turnover and renew and refresh the skin. Gold and cacao have also been used for time immemorial for their rich properties. The good news for you…

Harnessing the incredible benefits of gold skincare, Cocoàge Cosmetics is paving the way in luxury skincare with products that ensure outstanding skin.

Wrinkles? Where? 4 Benefits of Gold Skincare

Using gold as an ingredient in skincare products may seem a little surprising at first. But people have been drawing on the benefits of gold skincare for centuries now. There’s evidence that Cleopatra used gold facial masks at night to retain her radiant beauty. And even now, many celebrities treat themselves to gold facials the night…