5 Great Ways Chocolate Masks Are the Best Winter Treat

Chocolate Masks Are the Best Winter Treat

Winter is just around the corner, and with that comes the delights of staying in and cozying up to the fire… or the radiator. While there are many treats during the winter, like Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate, we want to talk about why we think chocolate masks are the best winter treat.

Here Are 5 Ways Chocolate Is the Best Winter Treat:

1. Gives a Deep Clean

Cocoage Dark Chocolate 24K Gold Peel Off Mask helps with clogged pores, and helps those needing a deeper level of clean.

2. Has Key Detox Ingredients

The Cocoa Seed Extract in our chocolate mask is saturated with Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that helps pull out free radicals from our skin.

24K Gold also contains antioxidant properties believed to help treat skin inflammation and deep clean congested pores.

3. Good for All Climates

Whether you’re locked inside because of the cold, or you live in a warmer climate, chocolate masks can help no matter what. They can bring extra hydration to the skin, without producing excess oils.

Our masks are gentle enough to use on all skin types.

4. Helps Tighten Skin

Chocolate is known to help tighten skin. When the skin is firm and supple, this allows the appearance to look younger. It’s also an indicator that more collagen and elastin are present.

5. Very Pampering

You deserve to be treated like a queen! Using only the best products in the market, your face will be as radiant as you feel.

We know life can be stressful at times, so give yourself a moment to relax this winter. Wind down from your day and remember that you are most beautiful person in the world.

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Whether you’d like to treat yourself to a chocolate mask, or have a girls night in, we’ve got the perfect mask for you.

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