3 Reasons To Add Chocolate to Your Skincare Routine with Cocoage Cosmetics

Cocoage Beauty - 3 Reasons To Add Chocolate to Your Skincare Routine

All of us enjoy a chocolate treat as part of a snack or dessert from time to time. But very few of us consider indulging in chocolate to be a healthy pursuit. We’re going to explore reasons why you should add chocolate to your skincare routine for exquisite results.

Recent research on chocolate skincare is highly promising. Chocolate is positive brimming with healthy antioxidants, which means a little in moderation can have positive effects for the heart, blood vessels, and more. And even more recently, science has turned its eye on its effect as a skincare product.

To see how chocolate can play a role in your skincare routine, we spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics. Here’s what they had to say.

3 Reasons To Add Chocolate to Your Skincare Routine

#1 Chocolate Skincare Reduces Fine Lines & Blemishes

In the last few decades, researchers have discovered that antioxidants include more than just vitamins like A, B, and C. As it turns out, there are dozens of components in plant-based foods known as polyphenols that may just have more power than your standard vitamins.

And some of the richest sources of polyphenols include items such as coffee, chocolate, and tea. Polyphenols actively repair and regenerate the cells of the skin, which directly combat the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Talk about a delicious reason to add chocolate to your skincare routine!

#2 Cocoage Cosmetics are Chocolate Infused to Make Your Skin Youthful & Glowing

These polyphenols, along with the omega-6 fatty acids that are abundant in chocolate, play another important role in skin health, as well. They enhance the flow of blood through the vessels of the body.

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This is why scientists now believe a small amount of dark chocolate is actually beneficial to your heart and circulation. And at the skin level with the use of chocolate-infused cosmetics, the result is more radiant and vibrant skin due to this enhanced blood flow.

#3 Chocolate Skincare is a Wonderful Moisturizer

The omega-6 fatty acids in chocolate also give it incredible nourishing properties to keep the skin well-hydrated and moisturized. Dry skin particular can take full advantage of the moisturizing properties of these fatty acids from chocolate, and although this ingredient is wonderful for all skin types, we recommend that especially if you have dry skin, you should add chocolate to your skincare routine because it will highly benefit you.

You can take advantage of this with one of these luxurious facial moisturizers: the Sweet Treat 24K Gold Hydrating Cream for Dry Skin and Choco-Lite 24K Gold Hydrating Cream for Oily Skin from Cocoàge Cosmetics, so you can take advantage of the hydrating properties of chocolate no matter what your skin type.

Are you convinced yet that you should add chocolate to your skincare routine? Chocolate has a lot more in store for you than a delicious taste and a serotonin boost to lift your mood!

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