5 Ways Gold and Cocoage Cosmetics Can Make You More Beautiful

Cocoage Beauty - 5 Ways Gold Cosmetics Can Make You More Beautiful

Achieving beauty is ultimately the objective of every skincare routine. People are in constant search of the one “miracle” ingredient that will push them over the top and make their skin truly shine. Have you considered gold cosmetics?

After all these years, it turns out that one of the most effective ingredients for many is one that’s actually been in use for thousands of years. And that’s the precious metal of gold. Used by Cleopatra as a facial treatment to retain her beauty, it can now be used at home by your in the same manner today – except more easily, because you can buy gold skincare products.

We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics, a chocolate and gold-based skincare product line about how gold cosmetics can make you more beautiful.

5 Ways Gold Cosmetics Can Make You More Beautiful

#1 Gold Cosmetics Fight the Signs of Aging

Gold stimulates the skin with its large number of ions, activating the cells and enhancing blood flow. The net result is more supple skin with less dryness and fewer wrinkles, which keeps it looking more youthful over time and through the decades.

#2 Gold Cosmetics Lighten the Complexion

As part of a facial mask including chocolate (such as Cocoàge Cosmetics’ 24K Gold Chocolate Drip Face and Body Mask or 24K Gold Chocolate Magnetic Mask), gold evens out the complexion and provides a lightening aspect to the face and skin, also known as brightening.

#3 Gold Cosmetics Make the Skin Glow

Gold has been shown to enhance blood circulation to the skin. The net effect of this is a rosy, radiant glow that’s sure to show with regular use of gold in your skincare products.

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#4 Gold Cosmetics Increase Elasticity

The ions present in gold get your skin cells working in overdrive, enhancing turnover and renewal. Newer skin cells means more elastic skin that has a fresh, youthful appearance. This means younger looking skin and fewer fine lines

#5 Gold Cosmetics Fight Wrinkles

Youthful skin also means fewer of people’s number one skin concern — wrinkles. And that’s sure to make you a believer in gold skincare products!

So even if you love wearing gold in jewelry or accessories, you’re not getting all the benefits of gold until you put it on your skin. Experience the luxury of gold skincare with Cocoàge Cosmetics.

Cocoàge Beauty

Cocoàge Beauty was created by Cocoàge Cosmetics, redefining luxury skincare with an exquisite line of 24K gold and chocolate-based treatment products created to assist, revive, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. Visit Cocoàge Cosmetics here and find Cocoàge Cosmetics reviews here.
Cocoàge Beauty
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