Powerful Precious Metals: Gold And Anti-Aging

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Gold and Anti-Aging: Egypt Found It First

When people are using something for beneficial skincare results for thousands of years, there is usually a reason that it’s been in use for so long. Such is the case with gold, which has been a component of facial masks since the times of Cleopatra and ancient Egypt. But it’s only recently that the science has caught up with the anecdotal evidence about gold and anti-aging properties in skincare products.

To find out what has changed about the research into gold for skincare, and why they decided to craft their new line of skincare products around the ingredient, we spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics. Here’s what they had to say.

Pretty Powerful: Gold and Anti-Aging Broken Down

#1 Gold Is Anti-Inflammatory
Gold naturally fights inflammation. Researcher has borne out this fact. So when it comes to fighting any number of skin problems, from redness to allergies to acne to damage from the sun, gold has been proven to have a protective effect.

#2 Gold Doesn’t Damage the Skin
Gold also is not a soluble metal, which means that it won’t penetrate the skin and cause irritation or damage. Rather, it forms a layer of protection and nourishment on the upper layer of the skin. This makes it an excellent choice for masks, facials and other products of this nature. Some good examples include Cocoàge Cosmetics’ HOT TEMP 24K Gold Stimulating Face Serum, 24K Gold Chocolate Magnetic Mask and 24K Gold Cocoa Facial Peeling Gel, among others.

#3 Ionic Action
Finally, the ions plentiful in precious metals like gold stimulate the skin cells, which both keeps the cells active and elastic and stimulates the flow of blood to the cells. It’s yet another reason that gold can play such a vital role in maintaining beautiful, youthful skin well into your years.

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Cocoàge Cosmetics also uses chocolate as a powerful skincare ingredient! Want to learn more about the power of chocolate? Click here to read the blog!

Cocoàge Beauty

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