The Ageless Combo: How Chocolate and Gold Enhance Beauty for All Ages

How Chocolate and Gold Enhance Beauty for All Ages

The Ageless Combo: How Chocolate and Gold Enhance Beauty for All Ages

Both chocolate and gold have unique and powerful properties for enhancing the beauty of the skin. Put the two together, and the result is incredible. Though the two ingredients are distinctly different, they seem to play off each other well for creating great-looking skin. Learn how chocolate and gold enhance beauty for all ages below.

Chocolate and gold offer benefits for preserving beauty, no matter what your age. This is one of the main reasons that the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics, developed an entire line of skincare products around them. We spoke with their skincare and beauty researchers about how the products can help you look beautiful at any age.

Your 30s

Gold fights the fine lines that appear in your 30s with the power of ions that excite the skin. And chocolate has powerful antioxidants that keep the skin looking its best. Together, you get a one-two bunch that can erase fine lines before they even have a chance to appear.

Your 40s

The 40s are the decade when fine lines transform into wrinkles, so the power of gold and chocolate become even more critical at this stage. And when damage does start to occur, the antioxidants in chocolate have been shown to repair the damage and return the skin to its prior youthful glow.

Your 50s & Beyond

As you enter your golden years, gold and chocolate can provide benefits once again. Gold prevents collagen levels from decreasing as you age, keeping you looking your best. Collagen is the critical component in skin that keeps it stretchy and elastic, and it also tends to decrease over time. And chocolate has been shown to prevent UV damage from the sun, one of the biggest contributors to aging.

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Cocoàge Beauty

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Cocoàge Beauty
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