Why Miss This Golden Opportunity? The Science of Gold Cosmetics

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The Science of Gold Cosmetics: Back To The Past

Gold has been used to enhance the beauty of the skin for thousands of years. There is historic evidence that Cleopatra used a gold-based face mask in ancient Egypt. There’s also evidence of similar treatments in Japanese and Roman history as well.

As the years have gone by and science has caught up with anecdotal evidence, the research seems to agree with the notion that gold has value as a skin treatment. It’s the major reason why the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics were comfortable developing an entire line of gold-based skincare products. We spoke with them at length about just what makes gold so good for the skin.

So What’s Behind The Science of Gold Cosmetics?

#1 The Power of Ions
On an atomic level, a lot of what gives gold its skincare superpowers has to do with its ions. When used as a skincare product, these ions appear to have a major effect at stimulating the skin cells. It seems to jump-start the cells and make them more active, which leads to firmer and more youthful skin overall. What’s more, these ions also appear to play a role in boosting the circulation of blood to the cells of the skin. This not only further enhances the health of skin cells, but it also plays a role in creating a healthy and vital complexion for your skin. Check out these blog posts to learn about how chocolate can help your complexion too!

#2 Preservation of Skin Components
Though the mechanism isn’t exactly clear, regular use of gold cosmetics also seems to slow down the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. These are both key skin components in preserving skin’s stretchiness and youthful appearance, and they also tend to decrease as you age. But gold skincare products slow down the loss of both components, making it much easier for your skin to look young and vibrant well into your years.

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